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tokagepwnzall [userpic]

A Week to Go & A Wedding...

June 19th, 2009 (06:17 pm)

current location: my castle
current mood: weird
current song: Miyavi, Ouran OST & so on

Wow, this is my first journal.  Huzzah's are in order!
Sorry, I'm quite strange...
As of today I only have one week of school left before I'm for the summer! YAY!
*does lil ghey dance*

Anyway, onto more interesting things...
Last Thursday saw my big brother (one outta two) get married, twas well cool!
I was a bridesmaid; a job which mostly comprised of me running around after the brides dress (was reli long) and the flower girl (crazy & cute).
In the end I was paid in cake - delicious strawberry flavored cake with bits of strwbry through it!
Half of it is still in our freezer for some reason... may have to steal it...
Here's a photo of my back, cuz ninjas cant show their faces!

Oh well, I'll be off, schemes for world domination to carry out, you know?
So long!!!
xo Lil Miss Spookiness